Founded in 2015, Club A-Elita is a South Brooklyn-based non-profit group whose purpose is to bring local New Yorkers together.  Communicating with friends and neighbors, attending concerts and celebrating holidays, taking trips and meeting interesting people.   This is what the club “A-Elita” is for and this is what club’s president Leonora Bulychova, a woman possessing a great deal of energy, creativity and endless desire to help children, is doing in Brooklyn.

     ‚ÄčOne of our Club's greatest supporters is Assemblyman William Colton (Assembly District 47). His staff has been working tirelessly to help organize our charity concerts, especially very talented and highly professional Anna Firsova who works as a Community Liaison at Assemblyman Colton's office and who has put a lot of time and energy into making beautiful invitations and flyers, printing award certificates, ordering trophies and taking care of all the required paperwork to ensure our events are successful. From the first day I met Assemblyman Colton, he has been very supportive and encouraging and I am very grateful to him for all the wonderful work he is doing for our community and for all the advice he has given that allowed our club to grow and become an official non-profit organization that can make even more children happy.
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